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Our Story

In just 3 years, Dream Catchers has evolved into a vibrant community of artists, fans and experts from around the world.

Made for Music Lovers. Great new music awaits! Lend new artists a hand in their rise to fame.

Built for Artists. Show the world your talent! Get new fans, and promote and sell your originals. Get an added boost with funding from your supporters. Plus! Join our online and offline contests.

Nurtured for Experts. You’ve honed your skills, now it’s time to get bigger. Find new gigs and even coach rising stars.

Meet Our Founder

Shalima Motial

I’m a...
Believer. I believe that passion can take you far and I’d love to help others create a career out of it.

Music is…
Love! Good music is whole lot of contradictions. It can be adrenaline pumping, comforting or even amusing.

I dance to…
Any good beats. As long as the rhythm is flowing, it’s time to start moving!

On my playlist…
Currently, I’m hooked on songs by Adele, Taylor Swift, Don Moen and Bryan White.


"Two thumbs up to Dream Catchers for establishing a platform for young artists to share their music! Judges did a great job in selecting the top 10 and definitely this whole competition won’t be a success without your professional input. Thanks to those who worked behind the scenes too. Three cheers for Dream Catchers!"  – Marissa Tang

"I think it’s noble what Dream Catchers is doing… You could have passed me by but you chose to pause, watch my video, and get me on board this bandwagon. You chose to notice what I do and when I elevate higher in the future, I’ll remember where I stemmed from, the opportunities that were presented to me at a young age and just how grateful I am."  – Joshua Simon

"This is a wonderful platform for me to showcase my music! Thanks to Dream Catchers, my music has gained more recognition than before and there are more people appreciating my work now. I would definitely recommend Dream Catchers to my friends who make music too."  – Steve Xavër